Thank you, Agile Vietnam

On Mar 2nd, I was invited to speak at Agile Vietnam. It was a great honor and I was so glad and humbled to be part of the local community.  Thank you Nguyen Vu Hung for this opportunity!

The talk was about Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka’s SECI-model which made an essential influence to Scrum’s theoretical background and its articulation. A few of the audience told me that they knew the theory but I guess most of them were new to the concept. This is the whole slide deck I used at the meetup. (For the further reading, here’s an infoQ article on this topic.)


I started my talk with friendship between Vietnam and Japan. (I prepared a red cap to show an appreciation to the Vietnam local community.)

The cafe was in the middle of IT area of Hanoi with a relaxed atmosphere and good coffee and cake.

People at Hanoi

I heard It was broadcasted to Ho Chi Minh(Saigon), thank you Quang Nguyen and Nguyen Hien for the setup!

People at Sigon

Special thanks to Alex Cuva flew from Da-Nang for the meet up to see me !

Also thanks to other founders of Agile Vientnam, including Dương Trọng Tấn(who knew all this Nonaka theories!),  Phuong Ada.

And attendees including , Bui Tuan NinhTrung Nguyen Tran, Duong Trong Tan, 武コン,  and lot others.

I’d like to show my deep appreciation to Pham Ahn doi, the facilitator of the meeting, for the nice introduction to the community.

Also thanks to Kiro Harada and Miho Nagase, for introducing me to the community from Japan.

Also I met some Japanese people working in Hanoi. Utsunomiya(宇都宮)-san at Robust Inc. told me about the difference between 3-day Retreat(合宿) and Pairprogramming  both about implicit knowledge. Kato(加藤) -san at Gulliver took us after the conference to a nice pizza restaurant(run by a Japanese chef).  Kurabayashi(倉林)、at NEXT Co.,Ltd. a local Scrum Master, came see us on a bike, and shared your experience in Hanoi with us, thanks!

Last but the most, I really want to thank Nguyen Vu Hung again, for planning all this meeting, contacted me, and made the time to meet me in advance. It could have never happened without your passion and energy, THANK YOU!!!


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