The Art of Linear Algebra Responses after publishing

This blog entry is just for my record….

After I published “The Art of Linear Algebra – Graphic Notes on Linear Algebra for Everyone“, I have received nice feedbacks via GitHub, email, and other social networks.

It started when someone posted it to y-combinator’s Hacker’s News.

Then the twitter…

It quickly entered “HackerNewsTop10”.

Nice comments begin to appear..

Received several emails who liked my article, including some bug fixes via GitHub issues. Thank you, Felix Endres, Laurent Lyaudet, and Ivan Savov. Ivan told me that this article was on the ycombinator Hacker News, and he also gave me a book! (He is author of mathematics books (No Bullshit Series).

Ivan Savov’s book(preview excerpt PDF)

At the rotation speed of the earth, it propagated to Japan, and an influencer in Machine Learning (えるエル @lmAI_Eruel) introduced it back to Japan.

It enters “Hatebu”, a Japanese famous social bookmark.

Now, it enters GitHub Trending.

It is still going on…

Thank you Prof. Gilbert Strang for the big support to my article and Ashley for making it beautiful!


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